Once was a paradise

Now nothing left…

Imagine an ordinary Sunday, the kind where you don’t want to go to work the next day, and you wish you could stay home a little longer. You go to sleep with your loved ones, thinking about the day ahead. Then, you suddenly wake up to a jolt, finding yourself in a tight, pitch-black space that’s not even about 30 cm wide.

We experienced exactly that in Hatay. We endured a lot of pain, and we’re still enduring it. To rise again, we need beautiful things.

About NFT

Antioch is well known because of its history and food. There’s plenty of mosaics, statue, vase or someother Arts. That’s why i’ve decided to make first NFT as a mosaic collection.


Although the art of mosaics may have been forgotten in many places, in Hatay, we continue to cherish and preserve this tradition.

Skeleton Mosaic

‘You get the pleasure of the food you eat hastily with death,’


The popular archaeological museum of Hatay, known as the “Antakya Mosaic Museum”.

Our NFT Collection is on Opensea

Stuffs that in our culture

“Boğma Rakı”(Arrack) is an important alcoholic beverage with significant cultural value in Antakya.

Mosaics are a fading art form. Let’s not allow a culture to die.

A sacred place where major religions unite.

Antioch, the celestial city, where angels are said to descend upon Earth. Legends whisper that if angels were to grace our world, their celestial feet would touch Antioch’s soil, and their wings would embrace its skies in reverence.

Antioch is a paradise, where the tapestry of life weaves a harmonious blend of faiths, cultures, and dreams. From the minaret’s graceful spire, a breathtaking panorama unfolds, revealing not only the mosque but also the synagogue and the church. Here, under the watchful eyes of minarets and steeples, people of diverse faiths and backgrounds coexist as brethren, writing a symphony of unity with every heartbeat.

Yet, as fate would have it, Antioch trembled beneath the recent tempestuous embrace of a powerful earthquake, a stark reminder of our collective vulnerability. (06.02.2023 4.17). Antioch has faced this ordeal seven times before, and here we stand at the threshold of the eighth, our spirit unwavering, our resolve unbroken.

In the heart of this NFT collection lies the radiant mosaic of Hatay, a cultural treasure that transcends time. Here, you’ll unearth the secrets of age-old recipes, each dish a culinary masterpiece steeped in history. You’ll unravel the tales woven into mosaic masterpieces, each fragment a page in the story of our heritage. You’ll discover the essence of cherished beverages, each sip a communion with tradition.

These NFTs are not mere tokens; they are keys to the stories, flavors, and colors of our beloved Antioch. They are the brushstrokes of resilience on the canvas of our revival, a testament to our determination, and a tribute to our unwavering spirit.

Together, with your support, we will mend the shattered pieces of Antioch’s soul, allowing it to rise once again, not as a city merely rebuilt, but as a beacon of resilience, a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity.

About Creator

My name is Ali. I’m an IT Engineer from Hatay. Wanna get a touch?